Tapcoin (TTT) Dual Liquidity Program

A way to further incentivize Liquidity Providers and Tapcoin (TTT) holders!

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3 min readApr 5, 2021

With the initial liquidity program ending on April 21st, the Tap Project is excited to launch the first of two revamped liquidity programs focused on creating a healthy market for TTT and long-term, sustained liquidity as Uniswap v3 approaches.

Our first program, which we are calling the TTT geyser, begins on April 21st and concludes on May 22nd . With an eye on attracting new liquidity, up to 6 million TTT will be distributed in the new geyser program! Distribution will be weighted by participation and adjusted accordingly based on the amount of liquidity provided. To be eligible for the geyser program, users will simply have to provide liquidity on Uniswap and hold the LP tokens in their wallets.

The second program commences on May 22nd and focuses heavily on rewarding long-term liquidity providers. With the introduction of the concentrated liquidity option on Uniswap v3 on May 1st, this makes long-term liquidity providing in general more lucrative for LPs. Details for the second program will be announced on May 14th after we have a better understanding of how Uniswap V3 will take place and its effect on Uniswap pools.

All participants in the LP incentive program launched on April 21st will be automatically entered into the second program if liquidity is not removed from their wallets. As April 21st approaches, users are instructed to withdraw LP tokens from the Tap Platform (www.tapplatform.io) and claim any pending TTT rewards from the platform before April 21st. After April 21st, all rewards will be issued directly to users wallets, without removing them from Uniswap. This was done to avoid distorting the Uniswap Analytics and to show a true value of present liquidity within the pool.

A series of initiatives to incentivize and reward long-term liquidity providers will accompany the launch of the new programs and Uniswap v3, including gTTT, Tapcoin Governance token.

Tapcoin Governance Token

Tapcoin Governance token (“gTTT”) will introduce a new era of decentralized governance for the Tap ecosystem in a gamified way. This will allow holders and liquidity providers the ability to create thoughtful proposals and have a voice throughout certain aspects of the platform. gTTT will be distributed to holders and Lp providers. Allocations will be based on two random snapshots. Additionally, having the gTTT will allow holders to vote on whether they would like to introduce a Tap Dao, or a community treasury, completely controlled by the community. A community treasury will allow the community to fund and vote for specific ideas and directions that they want the Tap Project to undertake.

The new wave of community incentives is here as we brace for many changes over the next couple of months! If you haven’t already, have a look at our checklist as we aim to change the way we play!

Stay tuned as we will be announcing our gTTT snapshots, airdrops and more details going forward.

About Tap Project

The Tap Project is a revolutionary blockchain platform that aims to decentralize the gaming industry by providing gamers and developers with options and opportunities when it comes to in-game virtual currencies. By allowing gamers opportunities to convert and transfer their in-game currencies across multiple platforms and games. The Tap plugin built for Unity and Unreal, increases discoverability, engagement, cross-platform play and revenue for developers using a tiered transactional revenue model.

How can blockchain gaming change the future?

The Tap Project Milestones:

  • Tap N Go Rewards : Over 100K Downloads on Google Play Store
  • 20K Users on the Tap Platform allowing gamers to play, games, and convert game score to TTT
  • Patent Pending IP
  • Proof of Mastery Protocol
  • 3 Year Platform Development and Strong Core Development Team

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tap_Coin

Telegram: https://t.me/tapcoin

Website: www.tapproject.net

Platform: www.tapplatform.io

Tap N Go Rewards: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.tapngo.android



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