Tap Project Update — 21.07.21

We wanted to take this time and provide a quick update in regards to the Tap Project and its current status.

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Current State:

🎮We are prepping two new indie development studios to be integrated into the Tap Platform and have their game integrated with our SDK. We are excited to onboard these teams and the games connected!

🤝We have identified a Binance Smart Chain partner where our project will reside and are just waiting for the best timing to align on when we will merge our token over to the Binance Smart Chain. Current conditions may dictate that a little bit but we are prepared and ready to go when it makes sense for all partners!

📝We have already started to layer on our V3 update and are extremely excited to showcase them off when they release.

Currently V3 consists of the following:

  • Game dashboard
  • NFT/Token Staking
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Battle
Tap Platform — Battle

More information will be presented in the future which will showcase the details in regards to this update, so stay tuned!


We can’t wait to share this great news with the community and push the boundaries of our technology. Although the current external market may appear confusing or bearish but we stand firm with what we offer and aren’t wavering to where we are positioning ourselves. Onwards and forwards!

About Tap Project

The Tap Project is a revolutionary blockchain platform that aims to decentralize the gaming industry by providing gamers and developers with options when it comes to virtual currencies. Gamers are able to convert and transfer their in-game currencies across multiple platforms and games. The Tap plugin built for Unity and Unreal, increases discoverability, engagement, cross-platform play and revenue for developers using a tiered transactional revenue model.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tap_Coin

Telegram: https://t.me/tapcoin

Website: www.tapproject.net

Platform: www.tapplatform.io

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