Tap N Go Rewards V28 1.3 Release Notes

What is included?

Tap N Go Rewards V28 1.3, is our most ambitious update yet. It takes feedback from the last 4 months of the beta and combines it into one, user friendly package. From videos, direct reward gift cards, games, partnerships and security, we have taken the feedback from the community and tried to ensure we addressed all of the above. This is truly a mobile app that allows you to earn rewards while playing games

  • New UI Onboarding
  • Introduction to Partner Challenges — Partner challenges is a new Nav bar that holds our current partnerships with third party agencies and studios. Users must earn a minimum threshold of Go-Tokens from Partner challenges (game challenges, and/or surveys)in order to request a Direct Paypal Reward gift card. Once a user completes the minimum threshold, Direct reward gift cards are unlocked until that user completes the request, closing thereafter. As a user earns more Go-tokens from Partner challenges, they will be able to request larger amounts. Partner challenges range from low to high difficulty which is why we encourage users to mix it up by completing both surveys and game challenges (as they both contribute to the Partner challenge threshold).
  • More chances to earn Go-Tokens — Additional video agency and survey opportunities
  • Advantage + — Advantage +(plus), is a new Nav bar that will be the hub for directing a user to different places within the Tap Ecosystem. Whether you want become a “TTT Member”, locate your TTT or Go Token wallet, unlock Direct reward gift cards, or enter into prize pools, the Advantage + nav is the place to be. Becoming a TTT member will unlock additional features, bonuses, and rewards. Details coming soon!
  • Prize Pool- Prize pools will still be available during this time for those users who choose to leave their points to chance and enter for bigger rewards. Go tokens can be used for prize pools from videos and game challenges. History of prize pool entries and direct reward requests has been added to the Tap shop.
  • Video bug fixes, UI/UX updates, security fixes



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