Tap N Go Rewards Security Update

Tap N Go Rewards Beta launched in April 2020, and since then has been downloaded over 100K times on the Google Play store. Thousands of rewards have been issued, and thousands of players have been able to earn while playing games, watching videos and completing challenges. These are all great milestones for the rewards app!

We recently released Tap N Go Rewards V1.3 which brought back direct Paypal rewards and introduced a host of Partner challenges. If you haven’t read that article check it out here. With that update came a few advanced security features to ensure fair play and fairness for all players in the entire Tap ecosystem. We want to ensure that players playing in the ecosystem can feel confident that things are equal and cheaters, hackers or those trying to manipulate the system aren’t winning. With that being said, we have issued several bans to recent players who were seen as trying to manipulate scores, hack videos, or overall trying to cheat the system.

We want to make sure that all understand the basic rules:

  1. Cheating is not tolerated in the entire Tap ecosystem. Bans will continue if users are found cheating, manipulating or trying to manipulate any services within the ecosystem. Using services that allow manipulating or cheating will also result in a ban. These are all listed in our updated Terms and services.
  2. Please do not use third party services to attempt to hack, manipulate or cheat. Any services that are used that attempt, review/alter code, or any other concepts may result in an immediate ban and all accounts will be terminated.
  3. Avoid services that offer hacking, manipulating or code altering to any services within the Tap Ecosystem as these may result in permanent bans.

We want to ensure that the Tap Ecosystem is a fair place to play and protect its true integrity of gaming. We are committed to ensuring this and making the Tap Ecosystem a true gamers haven.

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