Tap Bro’s Recap of Podcast Episode 6 — Have Meme’s Gone Too Far? Bridging Cross Chain NFTs & Gaming.

Interested in a brief snapshot of what was discussed during the Tap Bro’s recent podcast? Read on!

Starting off with the market minute; Co-Founder, Haniff Knight, briefly touched on the crypto market and looked at the Ethereum market with more bullish trends on the way.

Next the Tap Bro’s talked about an earlier predication one of their personal favorites, NFTs. The NFT industry boomed as they said and now the brothers predict a slight dip in the market as everyone takes a pause to reflect to be followed with another resurgence. Initially, everyone realized the potential of tapping into mostly NFT art, but now people are starting to think about other possibilities. What if the music industry produced NFTs? Envision musicians creating a visual replication of a beat or tones and that becomes an NFT and another revenue stream and a collectible? I personally would like a sampling of ACDC’s Thunderstruck riff as an NFT!

From loving NFTs, the Tap Bros seemed to come to a bit of a standstill on Meme tokens. Concern for an industry possibly being used in a not so positive way. All great for the idea of community driven meme tokens that have value behind them but concern for those that are empty and just a shell for trade driven by 1 or 2 individuals to pump up the price only to sell short. Buyer beware! To quote Hugh, “a meme without a use is useless”.

We had a fluid synopsis from Haniff of what Tap Project is and does. You can tell these 2 brothers have put their heart into this platform and have engaged in the industry. Meeting remarkable needs such that gamers and developers are able to have a platform where users can take their earnings and transfer between games. Now they have evolved the platform to what the market needs next — transferring their currency between games and between chains. They are conductors of concepts making ideas and making the magic happen!

Keep your eyes on the platform! Transferable NFTs across platforms, connectivity to Binance smart chain and so much more. Did you see their first Axie NFT make the leap? This is a world where you can mint NFT on one platform, sell it on Binance smart chain, new owner moves it to Flow, then it goes to into a game for use, and then back to Wax!

So many concepts for developers, publishers, and gamers! Join the team at Tap Project to find out all about it! Play the game, no matter the chain!

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