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3 min readJul 8, 2022

Introducing Season 2 on the Game X Change Platform!

Season 2 : Grit, is packed with brand new items, changes and concepts. last week we conducted a poll within our community and have taken the results to bring fresh and new innovative ideas to Season 2! The aim of season 2 is to introduce simple,fresh , and new ways for users to connect, play and earn. We are bringing concepts that are more akin to Web 2.5 vs Web 3. In an effort to prepare for the new onboarding of mainstream users onto our platform.

Season 2 will introduce the following additions:

  • New Games
  • New Lootbox system

Along with the following patches or changes:

  • Removal of LP requirement for purchasing items
  • Simplified (voluntary) vault upgrade
  • Static Seasonal Rewards Per Game

New Games

Season 2 will introduce the following new games along with a new Xchallenge Battle pass! XChallenge is a Steam achievement-based system that rewards users for playing and completing in-game achievements through Steam PC Gaming. This seasons games are:

  • Team Fortress 2
  • Halo Infinite
  • War Thunder
  • Warframe
  • Brawlhalla
  • World of Tanks

With the return of Apex Legends and Lost Ark.

New Loot Box System

Shortly after the start of season 2 we will be introducing a new lootbox reward system. Gamers will be able to use their earned GXG to purchase lootboxes. Lootboxes contain conversion time decrease abilities, Vault Upgrade passes, Steam Challenge resets, NFTs, Gift cards, GXP Bags and possible collectibles.

The following patches and changes will take place for season 2:

Removal of LP Requirements

We will be removing several of the LP requirements that were in place throughout the system. Although the system was great for incentivizing liquidity provisions we understand that it may be a bit complicated when it comes to onboarding fresh users. In this next phase we anticipate onboarding a new host of users onto the platform and want to ensure that the process is smooth and simple when it comes to play and earn.

What will take the place of the LP system?

The use of GXP will replace many of the applications of the LP tokens. For example, purchasing NFT passes and various items from the NFT marketplace will have a single GXP requirement. Additionally, voluntary vault upgrades will require GXP ( will touch on this below ).

Simplified (voluntary) vault upgrade

As previously touched on we will be removing the LP requirement for upgrading vaults and replacing it with a single GXP requirement. Additionally, the mandatory vault upgrade will be removed allowing users to choose whether they wanted to upgrade their vault or not. If you do not upgrade your vault you will not be penalized but rather earn less then those that choose to upgrade their vault. Vault’s will still have the minimum requirement of 8 conversions in order to upgrade your vault. The cost of upgrading vaults will vary depending on level.

Static Seasonal Rewards Per Game

As a result of all the above changes we will be reverting back to the sustainable and more consistent form of static rewards. Each game on the platform will have a “X” amount of tokens eligible to be earned for each season (regardless of token price). This will allow a more sustainable ecosystem that can calculate token emissions for an entire season. This system is similar to many other play and earn game designs within the industry. Additionally, by reverting to the more sustainable static approach users can have confidence that vault rewards won’t run dry unexpectedly (unless a mass influx of users).

We are excited for this season to begin and can’t wait to kick it off. Season 2 preseason will begin now with an official Season 2 commencement and vault clean beginning on July 13th 2022.

Game On!



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