Season 1: Re-Emergence 🔥

Introducing season 1 on the Game X Change Platform!

  • Liquidity Based Incentives
  • Game X Change Gold
  • Vault Upgrades
  • Vault Cleaning
  • Season 1 XChallenge Battle Pass
  • New game addition

Liquidity Based Incentives

Season 1 brings liquidity-based incentives to the Game X Change platform. The 2200 GXP requirement will still be in effect to use all of the Game X Change platform services. To play, earn and convert users must purchase Non-fungible passes (NFPs) and NFTs from the marketplace using GXP/BNB LP tokens.

Game X Change Gold

Game X Change Gold will be used as one of the main rewards for games within the ecosystem. Similar to many game design concepts, GXG will act as the “gold” and GXP will act as the “gem” of currencies that you often see within mobile games. All current games will be transitioned to earning GXG. They will be scaled according to the GXG emissions rates. These emissions rates can be viewed on the Game X Change Whitepaper. GXG/BNB LP tokens will be used to upgrade player game vaults. Upgraded game vaults unlock additional rewards for a player. GXG can be imported into games to buy upgrades directly within the game.

  • The reward for gamers playing and earning
  • Purchase specific game-related NFTs on NFT Marketplace using GXG/BNB or GXG/GXP
  • Upgrade Game X Change Vaults using GXG/BNB (read more on Vault upgrades)
  • Import GXG directly into connected games to buy in-game earned upgrades direct

Vault Upgrades

Vault Upgrades will allow users who progress to “upgrade” their game vaults to unlock higher rewards and earn more tokens per day. To unlock more rewards and gain a higher AGY (Annual Gaming Yield) users will have to upgrade their vault every 8–11 days (or every 8–11 daily 24hr conversions). A maxed upgraded vault has the potential to export over 8x as much as a default vault. If vaults are not upgraded within 11 days (or 11 daily 24 hr conversions) they can no longer expel rewards until they are upgraded to the next level. Expected rewards and vault upgrades cost vary from game to game. Visit our whitepaper for an updated Season 1 reward ratio before the start of season 1.

  • Vault upgrade flow: Once a user has converted for 8 days (24 hr daily conversions), the vault upgrade button will be accessible. Users must use GXG/BNB LP tokens to upgrade their vault. Once the user reaches 11 daily 24hr conversions, the vault will be become maxed and the user will not be able to convert until their vault is upgraded.
  • Dependent on game rewards*

Vault Cleaning

Vault cleaning will zero all player vaults at the start of each Season. Users will have the duration of each season to claim all possible points. Once the season is over the user's vault will be cleaned returning the player's vault to zero to start the new season. Vault cleaning also brings the user's upgraded vault to zero for the start of the next season.

Blocko Dash

Season 1 brings a new epic competitive game to the fold, Blocko Dash. Blocko Dash is a take on the popular Geometry Dash, but blockchain style. Users compete against online players to win weekly tournaments for gems that can be converted to GXP. To participate in weekly tournaments and buy in-game upgrades, GXG must be imported into the game. Users will not be able to gain enough GXG from the game without importing it directly.



Play #games , earn $EXP. Transfer your in-game score , NFTs and currency from game to game using #GameXChange! Play and Earn NFTs

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Play #games , earn $EXP. Transfer your in-game score , NFTs and currency from game to game using #GameXChange! Play and Earn NFTs