Road To Zion + Proof Of Stake Concept

Proof Of Stake (concept)

What is Proof of Stake?

  • numbers may change based on usage, publisher downloads and ETH/TTT pricing.


Our main ICO period will kick off on November 5th at 12PM PST. Users will be required to hold 5000 TTT * to gain access to the platform and its games.

  • note* Block party bonuses may still apply.


When is the ICO?

  • The ICO will take place from November 5th — December 5th. Users will receive a 10% bonus but the Tap Community Partnership will be closed.
  • The final presale bonus is from November 2nd to November 5th. 15% bonus will apply to all contributions. This will mark the last opportunity to become a Tap community Partner
  • Tap Community Partners receive a bonus upon contributing. Additionally, Tap Community Partners are grandfathered into the Proof of Stake utilization concept where they receive a drip bonus for simply holding TTT.
  • We are using the proof of stake concept where users must hold 5000TTT * to gain access to the system. Additionally, for holding over 250K TTT users will be provided a drip bonus. TTT will not be mined, users will simply provide their Ethereum wallet address upon sign up to the platform. Simply, through the 4 stages the Tap Coin will become a full utility token.
  • Yes, once you’ve contributed over 5 ETH, send us an email with your ethereum wallet address (if you did not do so during the Early Contribution stage) and we will recognize you.



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