Recap AMA with The Tap Project and AMA Lovers

Date: Saturday, 16th January, 2021
Time: 18:00 UTC

Recap provided by AMA lovers Medium — Read it on there page here

The Tapcoin team was represented by @TheTapProject and @hughthetapproject. They judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the project Tapcoin

Ans : Awesome! I’ll introduce myself, then hugh will introduce and then we will do a brief intro to the Tapcoin and the project :)

My name is Haniff Knight, I am one of the Co-founders of the Tap Project. I have been involved in the blockchain industry for the last few years and found my initial start in the gaming industry as both a player and an organizer. I’ve always been huge gamer and would still consider myself a gamer today. Its my passion for gaming combined with blockchain that have really helped us and the team to be where we are today to develop the idea around the Tap Project and its vision.

Over the last 3 years I have been involved with development and bringing the project to market

Hi! My name is Hugh Knight, I’m one of the Co-Founders of the Tap Project. I lead the development team for the project. I’m a Canadian entrepreneur, investor. Heavily invested in blockchain technology as well as the gaming industry. I’ve got numerous years in development as blockchain. Deep technical knowledge of solidity smart contracts, backend development and mobile as well as front end development . I’m fluent in numerous programming languages, like elixir, elm, solidity, javascript, python, etc, just to name a few.

Q2 : What critical problems does Tapcoin solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage

Ans : The Tapcoin (ERC-20) (TTT) is a token on the Ethereum network. It allows gamers to transfer their in-game currencies from one game to the next. Users can also play Steam PC games and convert their in-game achievements to Tapcoins.

We additionally, allow users to farm Tapcoins using Uniswap V2 tokens or Stake their TTT to earn from transactional revenue. The tapcoin and TapKey are also going to be used for our upcoming release of the “ Great NFT Hunt”

One of the problems that we experienced being avid gamers was that when you had completed a game, all your game coins and score were left in the game and you weren’t able to move them, use them, earn from them or anything. So we took that as the primary goal for the project, allow gamers to earn while playing and be able to transfer currency from one game to the next.

Some of our competitive advantages are pretty clear, we are a strong development team that was first to market and have thus created a brand new solution to this problem. Additionally, we only focus on NFT’s, game points and not asset building.

Additionally, since we were first to market our project goals are currently patent pending, being able to transfer any game points to cryptocurrency

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines

Ans : For sure ! Over the last couple years we have been hard through development and reached all our goals. Just to provide a couple:

- Partnership with leading International game studio , Juego Studios
- Developed one of the first Unity and Unreal Engine SDK’s for game conversions
- 18K Tap Platform users (
- 100K downloads on our Rewards beta app
- Patent Pending IP

Some of the Milestones to look forward to :

- Completion of staking and Farming (Completed Q1)
- More advancements and use for Dega Gas token (2021)
- introduction to Great NFT Hunt Season 1 (2021)
- Offline “lazy minting” transactions for staking (2021)

Some of the larger milestones I can’t disclose as they are larger partnerships that we are working on :)

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1 : Please tell us How Can We get Tapcoins and Tapkeys? Do We need to buy it? Where? and What more Can We do with Tapcoins and Tapkeys On your platform apart of getting NFTs?

Ans : Great Question! There are a few ways you can get Tapcoins.

- By Exporting in-Game score from the connected games and converting them to Tapcoins
- Converting your Steam PC achievements (like Cyperpunk and Destiny 2) to Tapcoins
- Farming Using Uniswap V2 tokens to receive Tapcoins
- Staking to receive Tapcoins

You can also trade them on Uniswap. Tapkeys are an NFT that can be acquired from the Tap Platform.

These Tapcoins can be used in the upcoming Feature, The Great NFT hunt, a NFT collectible game that allows users to win a large Cash Prize. Also they can be imported into games to buy upgrades as well

Q2 : Do All TAP decentralized games have the same smart contract? or really Some rare do not need to have smart contracts but unlock prizes that can then be sold on TTT? not needing blockchain like that right?

Ans : Great question! The great thing about solidity and smart contracts is that if programmed correctly they allow a lot of room for built in flexibility. This allows us to design one smart contracts to handle numerous blockchain games and minimize the amount of contracts we deploy onto the blockchain. We like to keep things simple

Q3 : Marketing strategy is the most influential thing in building company growth, a product will not develop without good marketing and promotion, so how does Tap_coin build strong relationships with the community?

Ans : Marketing is quite important for tokens these days. We have spent about two years in development with the project and have saved all our marketing time til now for when the token ecosystem is fully complete. We are at the point that all we are doing right now is focusing on Sales and Marketing. We are currently trying to secure a deal with a very large marketing partner, and very large game developer and brand for partnership as well. Since this are all non disclosable, i cannot provide the name of them at the moment, but these are definitely in the works !

Q4 : Tapcoin is a good project i have no doubt about that… But we know that security is always a top priority for any user and investor.
So,Can you please tell me what is special in Tapcoin security? And what make users feel safe with your platform ?

Ans : We take our security and our users data seriously, so without going into the exacts, on each of our products, we implement algorithms that continuously monitor and alert us of any suspicious activity and then they communicate with each other so that we can cover our entire environment. When it comes to our smart contracts, they go through a rigorous quality assurance process as well as we are continuously reviewing and auditing each for new updates that cover any known vulnerabilities .

Q5 : When will you launch the Dega Gas token, which aims to save users up to 50% on Ethereum gas fees on the Tap Platform, and how will this token save costs?

Ans : Dega Gas token is currently live on the platform and users are able to earn it! Through our live transactions users are able to save anywhere between 30%-50% in Ethereum gas fees by using Dega gas token. Our goal is to make this accessible to other gaming platforms as well


Before leaving, can you share all the useful links with us?

Ans : Website:
Tap Platform Platform:,

Telegram :
Twitter Accounts: ,

Medium Blog:




Above are some recent social media links and platform links for the project

Follow for all announcement the 2021 is starting and we have all year to believe Thanks again

Guys more answers can join here

Our token is currently available on Uniswap as well:

you can also find us on Uniswap under Tapcoin ($TTT) :

(Etherscan Address )

Also if anyone is interested in seeing a Teaser about the Great NFT Hunt check it out here»

PLease feel free to join our telegram channel so we can have a chat there as well :)

Telegram Group:
Telegram Channel:



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