October 25.21 — Patch Notes V 3.03

Patch Notes V 3.03

  • Anticheat Update — More flexible and dynamic anti-cheat system to prevent false positives and frequent bans.
  • Daily import and export limits restrictions — Stunt Runner 38,000 maximum score conversion per day. Maximum 6 exports/Imports then a 24 hour cooldown (GMT).
  • Update flagging system — Suspicious transaction flags will be placed for any suspicious activity from game to platform or platform to blockchain. Once a user receives two flags they will be banned.
  • Ban Appeal Process Update — In order to have bans lifted users must submit a unban form for review. The process can take anywhere from 48 hours to 1 week depending on the volume. Please do now submit multiple forms. Accounts not deemed suspicious will be unbanned. Accounts deemed in violation will be banned. For the safety of users and projects there will be no appeals. Examples of suspicious activity mat include, multiple accounts, multiple NFP transfers between accounts, suspicious game conversions (high rate earning), multiple log in variations, claim manipulation, game score manipulation, phone mirroring/rooting, and any other hacking, tricking, or loop finding.
  • Single Wallet Restrictions — multiple accounts linked to a single wallet will be deleted. Users can only link 1 wallet to one account, that same wallet address cannot be used as duplicate when logging in.
  • Non-fungible Pass linking — Once a non fungible pass has been used to make its first claim, it cannot be linked to another account within the platform.
  • Various bug fixes including platform claim bug.
  • NFP Staking — users are now free to stake their NFPs with paired assets on the Game X Change platform. Paired assets receive a token earning % that is dynamically adjusted based on the amount of assets staked.



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