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2 min readMar 3, 2022

Introducing XChange, blockchain's first game-focused decentralized exchange built to be the future of in-game currency exchange. Powered by Apeswap smart contract technology, Xchange is a true definition of gamefi.

The concept of XChange is simple, create an asset management system that allows all game currencies to be swappable via a secondary market, similar to that of a game auction house. Unlike the Game X Change conversion matrix, the value of tokens on XChange is determined by secondary markets based on how valuable the in-game currency is…to players. Players, gamers and holders create liquidity pools for valuable in-game currencies and allow them to be swappable for other currencies matched with that pair. All tokens existing on XChange are pure utility tokens that have the ability to be imported into their game ecosystems. Have too many cherries in one game, swap them for extra golden keys in another, backed by value established by players.

XChange is the first of its kind to take traditional defi concepts and combine them with gaming elements. This collaboration with Apeswap will allow Game X Change to utilize Apeswap technology and combine it with the innovation of Game X Change.

What does this mean for Game X Change?

As more developers enter the Game X Change ecosystem, Game X Change will have the opportunity to tokenize their game currencies and assets and pair them with the Game X Change native token, GXP. Pairing with GXP will provide further utility for the tokens within the Game X Change network, as users will be able to seamlessly move between game currencies all from a virtual auction house.

Starting immediately, users will be able to swap conveniently to $GXP and other connected tokens direct on the Game X Change Platform using the Apeswap Router!

This is only the beginning and we are excited for the future of XChange! We can’t wait to release XChange and have it be a showcase for both the Apeswap and Game X Change communities!

About Game X Change

Game X Change is a gaming platform where users can move assets (virtual cash and NFTs) from one platform, game, or blockchain to another, in a safe and controlled way. Play & earn and convert in-game currencies and NFTs from game to game! Game X Change offers rewards for playing, earning, and farming across the platform through its native utility token, $GXP. Through the use of Game X Change’s technology solutions stack, developers are provided with a full suite of tools to innovate and integrate both legacy and blockchain games. Game X Change is the future of game asset exchange.

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Game X Change

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