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Sep 16, 2021

4 min read

How to Swap TTT for EXP Using NFTAnywhere

A Step by Step guide to sending and claiming

Tips to get started:

  • Once you start the transaction do not close, exit, or stop the transaction or this may cause issues.

Terms of the Swap:

TTT to EXP claim will open on September 16th.

  • Once connected, click tokens and select EXP from the drop-down menu and press next
  • Select EXP from the drop-down menu and press next
  • Make sure from “Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain” is selected and click next
  • Make your the correct destination wallet is selected and press next
  • If your allowance is 0 press change allowance to authorize your wallet
  • Authorize the transaction by pressing confirm (note: gas is used to authorize)
  • Once you have confirmed the transaction (may take a couple minutes), press “refresh balance & allowance”. You will then see your allowance
  • You’ll notice your allowance has changed. Input the amount you would like to send and press next.
  • Confirm the first step by pressing “confirm the first step”
  • Confirm the transaction, this will begin the process of sending TTT to the portal in exchange for EXP. Your TTT will be burned (two step process send and claim). (Note: Transaction fee depends on ETH gas prices at the time of transaction)
  • Once your transaction has gone through, you will see that it has successfully been sent. Press claim in order to claim your EXP. This will lead you to the “Transactions” page in order to claim.
  • Connect your wallet on the transaction page (Note: use the same wallet that you sent from)
  • Select the correct transaction in order to receive your EXP.
  • If you are on ETH network, the portal will bring up a metamask screen allowing you to switch your network to Binance Smart Chain to claim. Press “switch network”
  • Press claim to start the claim process
  • Press confirm to start the blockchain transaction. (Note: you will need BNB in order for gas fees on Binance Smart chain)
  • Once your transaction is complete, the claim highlighted will mark, “complete”

Congratulations, you have successfully claimed EXP! Please ensure that you add EXP token address to your preferred wallet in order to view it inside.

EXP BSC Token Address: 0x639d4c62f58a4048ad0f69b8ce675db1a3e8e00e

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