How to Claim your GXP Drop

Tips to get started:

  • Once you start the transaction do not close, exit, or stop the transaction or this may cause issues.

Terms of the Claim:

TTT to GXP claim is open as of December 16th.

  • Once connected, click Drops
  • Re-connect your wallet with the eligible wallet that meets the criteria.
  • Once connected, if you meet the criteria you will see an eligible claim, press select.
  • You will see the amount available to claim in the box to right. Press claim.
  • Confirm you are ready to start the transaction, once you start it do not reverse, speed up the transaction or cancel it.
  • Sign the transaction to authenticate
  • Note * If you are on ETH network, the portal will bring up a metamask screen allowing you to switch your network to Binance Smart Chain to claim. Press “switch network”
  • Once you have confirmed please wait for the transaction to go through this can take anywhere from 1–3 minutes depending on network congestion. once you receive a confirmation you have completed the process.

EXP BSC Token Address: 0x8347ac51ec4ef29324591d55e2b585a38b2ead5b

Bscan Link:



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