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3 min readOct 1, 2021


As the blockchain gaming industry evolves, Game X Change needs to be in a position to offer services for both traditional and blockchain games. Game X Change is the future of game asset exchange. It provides the ability for the movement of game currency and assets from game to game. With the recent launch on Binance Smart Chain, Game X Change is in a position to be at the center of both the booming game and blockchain industries. If you are unfamiliar with Game X Change’s offering, please read the latest article, “Introducing Game X Change”.

Before revealing our target list, we wanted to take the time to highlight a few important points. Over the next couple of weeks, the team is focused on the following:

  • Better user experience
  • Transparent communication
  • Furthering community engagement

Firstly, we would like to discuss our flagging system. When we first created our AI detection system it was important to us that we protect the community, game developers and token holders. Therefore, we created a strict flagging system that was based on game data to ensure hackers or bad actors were stopped. However, we believe that this game data is old and it must evolve with the current state of play and earn. Therefore, we will be re-writing our AI detection system to provide a better user experience, and simply, prevent inappropriate flags. We are aiming to have full testing and feedback complete within one to three weeks. If you are interested in testing this system, please join our telegram or discord channel and reach out.

Looking forward, we have an amazing lineup of games, updates, and partnerships that we cannot wait to reveal. With that being said, we are excited to unveil our Q4 2021, and 2022 target list. This list is similar to a roadmap, but is flexible and may depend on ecosystem necessity. This means that items may be moved around depending on resources, feedback, or industry request. The goal of this document is to provide the community with insight into intended achievements, or possible partner collaborations. Items may be added, removed, or changed and should not be considered investment advice.

note: There is a risk that some items may be removed, added, changed, delayed or altered.

Q4 Highlight

Q4 will start with the completion of the Stunt Runner NFP pass. The Stunt Runner pass was previously sold in Auction on the Game X Change marketplace and will return as a permanent item in the shop until all 500 NFPs are sold. The NFP will be offered in either USDT/BUSD or BNB and will have a higher floor than previous offerings. This is to provide an opportunity for newcomers to play and earn through Stunt Runner before the passes are gone. Our goal is to target the following within Q4:

  • 5 Steam Games Support (Top tier titles, CSGO, PUBG, Apex Legends, Battlefield, New World)
  • 3rd Party Indie Studio Game Listing
  • 3rd Party Small Studio Game Listing
  • Polygon Multi-Chain NFTs
  • WAX Multi-Chain NFTs
  • 3rd Party Indie Studio WAX Game
  • Flagging System Update
  • NFT + GXP Paired Farming
  • Partner Token Staking
  • Oracle System Partnership
  • Launchpad Partnership
  • Blockchain Network Partnership
  • Indie Game Studio Partnership
  • Tapkey NFT Update
  • Community Testers Campaign
  • $GXP Burn
  • Tokenomics Tax Update
  • CEX Listing

Our mission for the end of 2021 and into 2022 is to build a core community of users that embrace the concepts of play and earn, and NFT gaming. As we expand our reach to traditional game developers, it is important that our community play a role with integration, while offering constructive feedback for our partners. We are extremely excited about our targets, and thank the community for their patience and support. We are working hard to improve and scale our systems as we grow, and look forward to the next steps!

About Game X Change

Game X Change is a gaming platform where users can move assets (virtual cash and NFTs) from one platform, game, or blockchain to another, in a safe and controlled way. Convert and transfer in-game currencies and NFTs from game to game!

Want to read more about Game X Change? Check out our documents.



Game X Change

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