Game X Change Platform Update Notes

NFP Pricing & Estimated Rewards

  • Season 1 will introduce a more transparent way of showcasing possible earnings and expected NFP pricing. Rewards are expected to change based on token pricing, whenever NFPs are sold (25% intervals), and ultimately each month. Pricing will start at a set ratio to the number of tokens eligible and will slowly decline as more NFPs are minted or the longer the game is played. Users who purchase NFPs on Day 1 will be able to earn their original GXP requirement + up to 50% within the first month of playing consistently every day. Users who purchase NFPs within the second month, are expected to earn their GXP requirement + additional tokens. Thereafter, emissions will be normally calculated based on the levels set within the Game X Change whitepaper.
    Disclaimer: Please note, earnings back your GXP requirement depends on how often you play. Playing the minimum amount of score in order to max your daily export limit for the full month will allow you to earn the maximum eligible GXP. Earning below that may result in not earning your GXP requirement back. Earning in games will depend on skill, gameplay and level of experience. Please play at your own risk.
  • Hypothetical Example reward schedule for Panda Commander—

Vault Cleaning

  • Whenever a new game is introduced, reintroduced or at the start of a season, the Game X Change vault will be cleaned prior to the start of that game in order to provide a fair and equal opportunity to all players once the game goes live. Users will have the duration of each season to claim all possible points. Once the season is over the user's game vault will be cleaned returning the player's vault back to zero to start the new season. The vault cleaning will start with Panda Commander and current games (Stunt Runner included) will be vault cleaned starting at the beginning of Season 1 ( subject to start the week of March 14 )

Introduction of Micro-game currencies and additional tokens

  • Over the next month, we will be introducing additional tokens and micro-game currencies into the ecosystem. These are small currencies that may not be paired to USD/BUSD or BNB but operate solely within games and the platform. For example, a user collects “trees” within a game, they may have the opportunity to export a “trees” token in order to swap it for another “wood” token in order to progress through the game. These tokens won’t have any USD/BUSD/BNB pairing. We will be releasing more information coming up on the Micro-game currencies!

Referral Leaderboard System

  • We will be fixing and updating our referral system. Among that will include a referral leaderboard where users will be provided points for referring the most users. When a user makes a referral they will receive 25 points. Each time that referee makes a game or platform conversion the person who referred will receive 250 points. This is to ensure that bots are not encouraged and real users who convert and use the platform will be rewarded. There will be a 1-time point calculation that will tally all previous referrals made to the platform. At the end of the season the top 3 referral users will receive a special NFT as prize.
  • We will also be introducing a conversion leaderboard for those that are always converting throughout the season. At the end of the season the top 3 users with the most conversions will receive a special NFT as prize.
  • Both the referral and conversion NFTs may unlock special easter eggs or staking opportunities only available to the winners or those that hold the NFT. We are expecting this system to go live prior to the start of Season 1.

UI Update

  • We will be making quite a big UI/UX update to the platform. This will have some quality-of-life fixes that make the platform more engaging or rewarding for users. Added features within player profiles and the NFT marketplace are among the listed changes.

Quality of Life Fixes

  • To round off the list of updates coming within the next while are bug fixes. We will be going through the platform and fixing any bugs that pop up. As a result of fixing some of the bugs, the platform may be taken down for maintenance periodically.



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