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2 min readMar 13, 2022


Game X Change Community! Last month we released 2 additional games and began making some of our ecosystem tweaks! We have put together a few highlights that showcase what occurred within the last 30 days!

We captured the platform conversions over the last 30 days and noted the following:

- 1500+ Blockchain transactions 🔥
- 14.5M GXP Rewarded💪
- $7.9k USD value rewarded 🍻
- 350+ NFTs sold🍻
- 44% of users made 100% of their initial contribution back by gaming🚀

These are great numbers for the community and the project and show that our platform is among the highest retention rates in the industry. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement and we will be taking a few more steps to better our ecosystem overall. Ultimately, we want these rewards to continue for the community as we drive our focus to being a top gaming monetization platform for developers.

Upcoming Ecosystem Improvements

Starting in the next couple of weeks we will be introducing heavy liquidity incentives through gaming. With the addition of XChange, having liquidity incentives direct on our platform will be easier for users to navigate and use - this is one of our approaches to building a full and complete ecosystem.

LP tokens will soon be used for the following:
- purchase NFPs using LP GXP/BNB tokens
- purchase stakeable NFTs using LP GXP/BNB tokens

Additionally, we will be introducing a secondary currency into the Game X Change ecosystem to compliment GXP and add more depth into our project. We have always believed in a dual token ecosystem and believe it has the capability to benefit hodlers, gamers and developers.

Stay tuned for more info on these developments!

The use of both these systems will be the first in the Industry and our team is confident that these changes will benefit the project on a whole.

We are excited for what is to come and cannot wait to showcase the advancements we have made!

Be sure to tune in and follow to stay up-to-date!

About Game X Change

Game X Change is a gaming platform where users can move assets (virtual cash and NFTs) from one platform, game, or blockchain to another, in a safe and controlled way. Play & earn and convert in-game currencies and NFTs from game to game! Game X Change offers rewards for playing, earning, and farming across the platform through its native utility token, $GXP. Through the use of Game X Change’s technology solutions stack, developers are provided with a full suite of tools to innovate and integrate both legacy and blockchain games. Game X Change is the future of game asset exchange.

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