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5 min readJan 24, 2022
60 Day Sprint

Let’s take an early dive into the next 60 days of the Game X Change ecosystem. Internally, we are referring to this period as our, “ 60 day sprint”. We have a packed 60 days ahead of us and can’t wait to show the entire community what we have been working on. We will break our releases by weeks and not days to provide capacity for testing, communication and marketing.


Stunt Runner NFP Pricing (January 24 - 27th)

  • With the recent changes in both token price and general market we will be updating the price of the Stunt Runner NFP on the Game X Change marketplace. You can expect to see the Stunt Runner NFP raise in price from 66,000 GXP to 120,000 GXP. Price of NFT may be adjusted in future dependent on price of GXP.

Game X Change Model Update (January 27th — Feb 3rd)

  • We will be making a few changes to your platform business model to make the system more advantageous for developers and to incentivize growth through transactions. We will be discussing an updated transactional revenue model with our partners and will be introducing a new token strategy that will work to bring more value to each token within our ecosystem.


GXP Burn (February 7–11)

  • The GXP burn will take place the week of February 7th. We have pushed back the date by 1 week to allow for full sustained marketing and a full analysis on the tokens left over and needed for any swaps. A total of 180M GXP will be confirmed burnt during this event. We will be looking at further ways to buy back and burn in the future.

Game X Change Game Release #2 (February 7–11)

  • We will be releasing the second game created by the Game X Change team on the platform. Our intention for this game is to offer a low value of entry for new users coming into the space. We anticipate that Panda Commander Space Combat X will be released at this time. Our goal is to introduce the import feature, which will allow users to import GXP into Panda Commander to purchase upgrades within the game.

Tapkey BSC Drop (February 14–18)

  • The new Tapkey BSC drop will be available during the week of February 14th. Users will be able to claim their Binance smartchain version of the Tapkey during this time from NFTAnywhere. Users who hold the Tapkey will be able to stake it in a specialized pool (stay tuned for that) to receive additional rewards. Users can also sell the Tapkey via our partner TofuNFT.

Game Studio Release (February 24–28)

  • Currently we have a planned game studio release during this time period. Stay tuned for the partnership announcement and event. This event is tentative and may change depending on partnership needs.


XChange (Early March - date TBA)

  • All we can say about XChange is “microcurrency in-game currency exchange” — coming soon. Stay tuned for this amazing reveal and more information about it.

Game X Change Season 1 (March 14–18)

  • The introduction of Game X Change seasons welcomes a few new features. Firstly, this will introduce a system called, Vault Cleaning. Vault cleaning will zero all player vaults at the start of each Season. Users will have the duration of each season to claim all possible points. Once the season is over the users vault will be cleaned returning the players vault back to zero to start the new season.
  • Secondly, seasons will introduce the Game X Change Steam Battlepass system. The battlepass system will reveal the games for the set season and the NFT pass to accompany it. Users will have the full season to obtain as many in-game achievements as possible in order.
  • The first games that are set for this season will be Apex Legends, PUBG, Lost Ark, CSGO, Destiny 2, Rust, Ark: Survival Evovled and Team Fortress 2. Stay tuned for more information and details in regards to the Battle Pass.

Game X Change Token Economy (Mid March TBA)

  • We will be introducing a new dynamic into the Game X Change Economy. This will allow longevity, sustainability and reward for Holders, Developers and Gamers. Stay tuned for more information! We are keeping this information pretty quiet until we have all our partners announced and secured.

Game Studio Release (March TBA)

  • We have our third game studio release planned for quarter 1 and will be releasing more information about its reveal. Stay tuned for date announcement and listing.

Items throughout the next 60 days

Game X Change Academy (Quarter 1)

  • The Game X Change Academy is a program offered by Game X Change that allows an opportunity for all users to participate and enjoy the many aspects of play and earn gaming. The academy allows those who do not have the monetary resources to meet the requirements the opportunity to play and earn. Additionally, it provides those who meet many of the requirements, but don’t have time to play, the opportunity to outsource their resources in exchange for passive rewards. Game X Change Academy has 2 official titles, Professors and students. We are currently interviewing gaming guilds to be our official Game X Change Academy partners. These guilds all range in size from 500 to over 100K members. We will open private applications for Professors and students over the next couple of months.


We are super excited about the next 60 days and cannot wait to reveal more! To kick off the reveal of this new information we will be hosting an AMA on Game X Change Twitter spaces on Wednesday, January 26th, 2022 @ 1130am PST ! Be sure to follow @GameX_Change on twitter to stay alerted!

Our goal is to be more open with our plans and allow community feedback and suggestions along the way. Stay tuned for more and make sure you don’t miss it!

*The goal of this document is to provide the community with insight into intended achievements, or possible partner collaborations. Items may be added, removed, delayed or changed and should not be considered investment advice.

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