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On 17th of January 2021, our main administrator Zanity had a live AMA session with Haniff Knight (Co-founder of TapCoin), Hugh Knight (Co-founder of TapCoin) on Blockchain Infinity telegram chat.

Segment 1: Introduction

Zanity: Hello TapCoin team welcome to our community. Before we go to first segment, please introduce yourselves first.

Hanif: Hi there, awesome to be here! Thank you for having us.

Hugh: Hi, we are really happy to be here!

Haniff: My name is Haniff Knight, I am one of the Co-founders of the Tap Project. I have been involved in the blockchain industry for the last few years and found my initial start in the gaming industry as both a player and an organizer. I grew up as a heavy gamer and would still consider myself a gamer today. My passion for gaming combined with blockchain helped us develop the idea around the Tap Project and its vision.

I have been involved in development of the Tap Project over the last 3 years, and helped bring the Tap Project as a first to market competitor back in 2017/2018.

Hugh: Hi! My name is Hugh Knight, I’m one of the Co-Founders of the Tap Project. I lead the development team for the project. I’m a Canadian entrepreneur, investor. Heavily invested in blockchain technology as well as the gaming industry. I’ve got numerous years in development as blockchain. Deep technical knowledge of solidity smart contracts, backend development and mobile as well as front end development. I’m fluent in numerous programming languages, like elixir, elm, solidity, javascript, python, etc, just to name a few.

Zanity: Thank you for your amazing introduction. Let’s proceed to the first segment. Are you guys ready?

Haniff: Yup, we are ready.

Zanity: Alright! Here comes the first question…

Question #1

Can you give us an introduction about TapCoin.

Haniff: Ya for sure would love to, The Tapcoin (ERC-20) (TTT) is a token on the Ethereum network. It allows gamers to transfer their in-game currencies from one game to the next. Users can also play Steam PC games and convert their in-game achievements to Tapcoins.

We additionally, allow users to farm Tapcoins using Uniswap V2 tokens or Stake their TTT to earn from platform transactional revenue. The tapcoin and TapKey are also used for our upcoming release of the “Great NFT Hunt” which is coming soon!

Zanity: Thank you for explaining TapCoin to us! Let’s move to the next question.

Question #2

What is the usecase of TTT token?

Haniff: The Tapcoin (TTT) is used through all aspects of the Tap Platform.

- Tapcoins are required to be purchased or earned for platform use.
- They can be imported into games to buy game upgrades.
- Tapcoins are used to upgrade Tapkeys — which unlock premium features on the Tap Platform.
- Each Tapkey upgrade opens a new chest in “The Great Hunt”
this action requires Tapcoin for upgrade.
- Purchasing and staking Tapcoins allows ability to earn from Transactional Revenue. (Any transactional revenue that the platform receives users also receive a portion of it).

Zanity: Such an interesting usecase, thank you.

Now for the last question for the first segment.

Question #3

How can a user earn rewards by playing games?

Haniff: Great question! Users can earn rewards and Tapcoins by playing any of the integrated games within the platform. There are 3 integrated mobile games that users can transfer Tapcoins in and out of to buy upgrades and cash out.

Additionally, if users can convert their in-game Steam PC gaming achievements to Tapcoins. There are 15 integrated games like Rust, Rocketleague, GTA V, Cyberpunk and more. This is all made possible by the Tapcoin.

So simply, play the games, and get paid to play.

Zanity: Gamers will surely benefit from this, thank you for giving such great answers for my introduction questions. Let’s go to 2nd segment which is the Twitter Questions!

Are you guys ready?

Haniff: Yup we are ready.

Hugh: Ready!

Zanity: Splendid! Here’s the first twitter question.

Segment 2: Twitter Questions

Question #1 From: @ObscuraValentin

Since I’m a gamer too, why should a gamer dive into TapCoin? Is there any reason why blockchain games are better than non-blockchain games?

Haniff: Good question, gamers should dive into the Tapcoin because of the following. The Tapcoin was and still is one of the first gaming projects to embrace the ability to transfer in-game currency from one game to the next. Imagine, playing a game and then when you are finished being able to transfer your left over game currency from one game to the next. In addition, users are able to convert their in-game Steam Achievements to Tapcoins and truly get “paid to play”.

One of the reasons that blockchain really caught our eye especially with gaming is because it allows users to realize value within each game. There are not many game currencies that are truly valuable and blockchain provides the opportunities for all game currencies to be valuable.

I don’t think its a matter of blockchain being better but definitely allowing additional opportunities and options for gaming.

Zanity: Thanks for the answer, I’ll send the second twitter question.

Question #2 From: @LucyFerr18

TapCoin has more than 3 years since making its first ETH network transaction as a gaming platform and NFT tokens, how did that launch and integration with the blockchain network look like? Are we going to see a rapid TapCoin evolution?

Hugh: It has been an amazing 3 years. We have been fortunate to have the support of a great community that has been with us since the start and has continued to grow with us. The launch of the platform and TTT was a great one. When we launched there wasn’t that much information out there on Ethereum and we had the ability to write the playbook. The Tapcoin has kept a steady course since the start and we’ve improved on features of the platform, and kept the token utility use strong. 2021 will continue to see Tapcoin grow and be used in many different facets as well as we’ll se the grown of NFT’s for Tap and in general.

Zanity: Thank you for the that answer, let’s go on to the last twitter question.

Question #3 From: @JunjunRubio

What kind of games on the Tap platform are available? What are the conditions for users to gain money while playing games? Is the payout valid for all games or only your original games on the platform?

Haniff: There are numerous games on the Tap platform for users to play. We have 3 integrated mobile games that users can transfer their in-game currency from. In these games users can import Tapcoins to buy upgrades or export Tapcoins to get “paid to play”. Additionally, we have 15 connected Steam PC Games that range from Cyberpunk 2077, Destiny 2, Counter Strike, GTA V, Rocket League, PUBG and more! In these games users can convert any of their in-game steam achievements to Tapcoins.

Getting paid in Tapcoins is valid through the integrated games and through all the Steam PC games that are connected on the Tap Platform, like the newest games that I mentioned above.

Segment 3: Live Telegram Quiz

Zanity: Okay guys, let’s move to our Live Telegram Quiz. Make sure that you have done your research about TapCoin.

Chat, please pay attention! I’m going to open up the community in 10 seconds after the first question was asked.
So guys ask our first quiz question.

Haniff: Oh okay, awesome.

Question #1: Why is the Tapkey important on the Tap Platform?

Zanity: Okay, who’s our first winner?

Correct answer from: @starshades007

Unlock premium features on the Tap Platform.

Haniff: You are correct, The Tapkey unlocks premium features allows games to convert in-game currency, convert in-game Steam Achievements and makes it possible to participate in the Great NFT Hunt and win cash!

Zanity: Cool! Let’s ask the second question.

Question #2: What is the benefit to staking your Tapcoins on the Tap Platform?

Zanity: Did you found the winner?

Correct answers from: @typhucrypto

Allows ability to earn from
Transactional Revenue. (Any transactional revenue that the platform receives users also receive a portion of it).

Haniff: Winner! A lot of great answers! But yes by staking TTT you can earn from all Transactional revenue on the platform giving you more Tapcoins!

Zanity: Wow, congrats! Anyway please ask the third question.

Question #3: What are the 3 other pools in addition to TTT-ETH that you can Farm TTT from Using Uniswap V2 Lp Tokens?

Zanity: Chat muted, you guys can now pick our third winner.

Correct answer from: @syrexrc


Haniff: We will give you the win since you are the closest! But yes, the 3 pools are:


By depositing these Uniswap V2 tokens users can earn a large portion of TTT as liquidity rewards, total pool combined 500K TTT a day!

Zanity: Amazing! And here’s the last question from our quiz, pay attention everyone.

Haniff: Awesome this one has many answers so the first one to get it

Question #4: How can you acquire Tapcoins?

Zanity: Can you kindly pick our last winner.

Correct answer from: @salikhadwani

Buying on uniswap.

Haniff: Winner! Yes this is correct! You can acquire Tapcoins by Buying From Uniswap, playing games to receive Tapcoins, converting Game achievements, staking, and farming!

Zanity: Great! Congratulations to all winners for this Segment.

Segment 4: Live Telegram Questions

Zanity: Okay guys, here’s the exciting part of our session. Let’s move to our Live Telegram Questions. But before that let me send the rules again.

So @TheTapProject & @HughTheTapProject, are you guys ready with our last segment?

Haniff: Yup we are ready.

Hugh: Ready.

Zanity: Chat closed! Thank you for your plenty of questions chat, let’s give our guests some time to answer good questions.

Haniff: Awesome! A lot of good questions we will be able to go through them.

Q1 From: @farrellrhianna

Partnerships are an integral component of any project’s journey. Which types of partnerships TapCoin has already attained and what are the plans on this front moving forward?

Haniff: Yes, good question. Yes Partnerships are integral in the success of projects. Which is why are constantly reaching out to other blockchain and traditional companies. To establish our platform we partnered with International studio, Juego Studios. This allowed us to develop our Tap SDK which is integrated with Unity and Unreal Engine. Additionally, we have future partnerships in the process that look at integrating leading game studios, within our games and our new feature, the Great NFT Hunt.

Q2 From: @smithshanny

Tapcoin is a complex project. Are you planning to create educational materials so that more people understand your goals and vision?

Hugh: We’ve spent a lot of time educating new users to both the Tap Project as well as to the blockchain space. It will always be our goal to educate and to make the learning curve easy for those that a new. Currently we produce videos, mediums blog post, and podcasts to help educate all users in hopes of making things easier.

Q3 From: @bcryptolover

Which one of these aspects important for you?
Increasing token price and value, empowering platform development, building community trust or expanding partnership globally.

Hugh: Good question! We believe that all of them are important to the success of a project. You cant have one without the other if you want to be successful in the blockchain space.

Q4 From: @khaiphongchieu

Token burning is beneficial for any project, as it controls the amount of token circulation and provides greater incentives to investors. Does your great TapCoin project have plans for burning tokens in the future? and what is the method of burning it?

Haniff: Yes, good question. We took a lot of feedback from the community and looked at ETH 2.0 as an example for our burning mechanism. So yes, Tapcoin (TTT) has a burning mechanism. What we do is a % of Tapcoins are burned during every on-chain transaction on the platform. We are hoping to bring the total supply from 1.5B to only 1B TTT. This is what we call “transactional burn”.

Q5 From: @YamiShin_22

I’m not a gamer, honestly, and I don’t know how to play Fortnite, Valorant, PUBG or CSGO either. I’ve only heard of those games, but I’m not so familiar. So, what possibilities would you suggest for someone like me to join the Tap Network? Do you have other features that can appeal to non-gamers, or are you just available to people who are gamers?

Hugh: Our project is very inclusive and we want to allow those that find the project great a way to participate. We have launched farming and staking on the platform to allow this. We will be launching the great NFT hunt, very soon and have just released a teaser to showcase this new an exciting piece of the platform.

Q6 From: @ikreiger

What is the utility of your native token TTT? Also what special features do you have or plan to implement that keeps you ahead of your competitors?

Haniff: Good question as well. As discussed earlier, the Tapcoin allows users to convert in-game currency from one game to the next, as well as get paid in TTT for playing games on the platform.

One of the features we have above our competitors is the Tapcoin is extremely necessary for our new feature, the Great NFT Hunt:

Tapcoins are needed to upgrade Tapkeys which unlock Card packs that hold collectible NFT’s. First to collect them all wins a large cash prize!

Zanity: I think that’s all. Thank you so much for your answers on our Live Telegram Question. We’re glad to have an AMA session with you @TheTapProject & @HughTheTapProject that was interesting.

Do you guys have any message to our community before we end the AMA session?

Haniff: It was great being here and we hope that you guys learned about the Tap coin and the Project. We have some big plans ahead and are ready to be on top going forward! Please reach out on our telegram to chat! I will also include all our links and social media for everyone here.

Tap Platform Platform:
Twitter Accounts: ,

Medium Blog:




Hugh: Thank you for allowing us the time to talk with your great community! It was awesome!

-END of AMA session-